Monday, December 16, 2013

Patagonia Photos

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Torres del Paine National Park
Sunset casts a rosy glow over granite peaks encircling a glacial lake in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. Chile's prized jewel the 598,000 acre (242,00-hectare) national park is a mosaic of landforms including soaring mountains, golden pampas and grinding ice fields. at the southern tip of South America the region of Patagonia includes parts of Argentina and Chile.


Moreno Glacier
Moreno Glacier rises above Lake Argentino as a rugged wall three miles (4.8 kilometers) wide and almost 200 feet (60 meters) rall. One of 47 massive ice fields in argentine Patagonia's Glaciers National Park, this grinding, groaning force of nature covers a hundred square miles (260 square kilometers).


Copahue Provincial Park
Hundred foot dall (30 meter tall) araucaria trees surrounding a waterfall reach of the stars in Argentina's Copahue Provincial Park. Living relics of the Jurassic period, these thousand year old giants stand as symbols of Patagonia tenacity in a landscape both severe and sublime.

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